Jennifer Sohn, Kids Yoga Teacher, Little Pretzel Yoga Founder

Jennifer Sohn
Kids Yoga Teacher,
Little Pretzel Yoga Founder

I am a longtime believer in the impact that healthy habits and wellness can have on our lives – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I knew that there was a mind-body connection when I personally learned the healing powers of yoga, massage, exercise, and nutrition. 

I’ve been a yoga devotee since I arrived in San Francisco 20 years ago, and I’m a Certified Massage Therapist. I earned Master’s degrees in Public Health and Social Work, became a Certified Health Education Specialist, and spent many years developing and implementing corporate wellness programs.  

When life got crazy with my two kids, I decided to combine two things I love – yoga and kids – as a career. I became certified by It’s Yoga Kids in 2013, and began teaching yoga to preschool and elementary kids. I’ve since expanded my training to include mom-and-baby classes.

While I am grateful to have the opportunity to teach what I am passionate about, I also cherish spending time with my old dog, Lola, my first baby and best friend.  I am hoping to keep her going through daily massages and lots of touch and love.